GRM Enerji Logo

  Who We Are?

    GRM energy is a company founded by three people whose work experience exceeds 15 years although it started to serve in March 2017. Our company, which became a registered brand in 2020, who became a limited company in 2021. Rafet AYDIN, Gökhan KOCABAY, and Mehmet AYDIN are the founders of the company.

    Our operation fields are HPP, GPP, TPP, SPP, WPP energy facilities, energy generation - transmission - distribution of government agencies such as TEİAŞ - TEDAŞ - EÜAŞ - TCDD, substations of medium and high voltage distribution facilities located in industrial plants, preparation, and facilitation of primary and secondary projects, primary and secondary testing, relay testing, pre-commissioning, maintenance of operating facilities.

    Since the day we declared our foundation, we have been in several operations contractor companies such as primary-secondary and relay testing, ground impedance measurements, cable testing. Besides, we’ve done primary-secondary-relay and ground tests of 33, 154, and 380kV facilities and the maintenance of 154/27,5 kV equipment with our partner establishments. 

       Although our company is newly established, it has a busy work schedule. Thank you for choosing to work with us.

Our Mission

    Supply technical and technological support that the companies in the electric sector need;

    Help use the current energy resources most efficiently;

    Provide technical and technological support and service in the use of environmentally friendly energy resources;

    Grow together with other companies serving in this sector and support them;

    Become a trusted and followed company with our humane and environmental approach.

Our Vision

    Become one of the pioneer companies supplying the presentation of perpetual, high quality, and sufficient energy to consumers with the services provided for the establishments serving in the field of energy generation, transmission, and distribution;

    Meet the expectations in time with professional ethics and honesty;

    Offer solution-oriented effective and swift services;

    Be transparent in customer relations and our operations with the principle of clarity;

    Ensure the permanence of customer satisfaction by offering real and applicable solutions;

    Give opportunity to our workers to take responsibility and develop solution-oriented suggestions without compromising our professional and institutional values.